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I hate this blog

You really have no idea how much i hate it. I only keep it to keep in touch with some friends here. But basically, if i was never brought her about a year ago, i would be happier. (Especially since the friends who wanted me here, well, it didn't go smoothly, let's put it that way.)

Anyway, i want to address some issues. This entry is public for a reason. I am sick and tired of people i never met before in my entire life trying to add me. I DO NOT ADD PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW. You want to know me? Fine. Send me a message, we'll chat on messenger. I'll decided whether you're worthy or not. If not, kiss my ass.

The other thing.. After some incidents in my life involving a blog that was personal, i finally have a new blog on blogspot. This blog is dedicated to science! Why? Cause i like Anthropology and other sciences, which i research for my own amusement.(Smilodon ftw.) Anyway, I'm the evil twin of the Feathered Serpent. Most recent entry is about Aset, because of the bizarre Horus dream i had which prompted me to pop open my dusty (and quite heavy i must say) books on ancient Egypt. Also, had to do with a stone that has protective qualities according to the Egyptians. But i digress.

I figured some friends on my friends list would enjoy the new blog. I will admit though... I got involved over the past few weeks in System of a Down and the Chernobyl incident which makes me... well i saw all the shit in Chernobyl, the mutations due to radiation... I feel like a mad scientist. I *finally* had this realization. I know exactly what its like to be one. And oh my various gods, i fucking love it. Someone told me Chernobyl like incident would happen again, which i replied:

"Oh god i hope so. Does that make me morbid?

I mean if i could i would research all the mad shit we could do with nuclear energy. Mutations, weapons, biology, chemistry... the possibilities are endless! But then i think they would cut my funding and make my research illegal because i would be thinking to drastically."

P.s. I just realized some Xochipilli posts i made about drug use with the Aztecs. i will now update said blog about the research.

Too many children

I stole this from UD on the AIC forums but it was hilarious:

"A pastor's wife was expecting a baby, so he stood before the congregation and asked for a raise. After much discussion, they passed a rule that whenever the preacher's family expanded, so would his paycheck. After 6 children, this started to get expensive and the congregation decided to ho ld another meeting to discuss the preacher's expanding salary.

A great deal of yelling and inner bickering ensued, as to how much the clergyman's additional children were costing the church, and how much more it could potentially cost.

After listening to them for about an hour, the pastor rose from his chair and spoke, "Children are a gif t from God, and we will take as many gifts as He gives us."

Silence fell on the congregation. In the back pew, a little old lady struggled to stand, and finally said in her frail voice, "Rain is also a gift from God, but when we get too much of it , we wear rubbers."

The entire congregation said, "Amen."

Feb. 6th, 2009

So the day after losing my job i went out to eat with a former co-worker at my fave Japanese restaurant. (which made me FEEL much much better.) Like me he is a bit of a Japanophile and let me borrow some manga, anime, and movies to watch.

On my way home, however, to add insult to injury i was stopped by the police & they told me my license was suspended, which was impossible because I paid those tickets! So they took my DL away and i drove away in shame. The next day i had to go down to the traffic court and prove to them, with receipt in hand, that i paid all my fines. Realizing this the lady at the desk unsuspended my license and told us the person at the counter when i paid my ticket was supposed to clear it and did not. So it was their mistake. Then i had to drive to the DMV and reinstate my license for a fee of 10 bucks. :-/

Well, in happier news, I *finally* uploaded my Chinese New year pictures from late January where i went to this college party with my Wah Lum Kung Fu class. Our presentation pictures can be seen here. We did lion dancing and some demos from our team. It was cold, but very very fun.

I've realized after watching Ichi the Killer that I have this love for Yakuza (Japanese gangsters) movies. *few spoilers ahead* In my own words from a forum about it: It's like Kakihara is a masochist so we expected him to be shy, quiet, introverted, and subservient. While Ichi is the sadist we expected relishing killing people and like watch his sadistic thoughts come to life. Instead Ichi was the most patheitic character of the entire movie and shows us how human he is. (But i don't believe that was the intention of the movie.) He cries and he doesn't want to kill, yet he gets sexually excited when he does and he lacks confidence and acts submissive to people most of the time. While kakihara was his polar opposite. He took pleasure in torturing people and liked being beat, but had no fears and complete confidence in himself. It was interesting that a movie of this calibur and them was made. I'm surprised Americans didn't think of it first.

Lately to relive all the stress in my life i have been playing a jrpg called Persona 4. My fave character so far is Yukiko Amagi:

She reminds me of myself, A LOT. She lacks confidence and assertiveness and is just trying to make it through life. Shes learning to be more outgoing like her BFF Chie, but it's hard.

On being childish..

Someone at work suggested that Hello Kitty is for children and teens. (Even though they have Hello Kitty vibrators ftw. But i doubt he knew this.) I have some Hello Kitty stuff, some of it my grandma buys me. Some of it she buys for my Uncle's 27 year old girlfriend. I confess I don';t have a lot of stuff of it and as my friend describe my room looks "adult", especially compared to his. or so he says.

Anyway that's besides the point.. SO I decided to nitpick everyone else. My grandfather is a HUGE, (and I mean a REAL big fan) fan of Harry Potter. He has all the books and he even got this staff in the shape of Lucius Malfoy's staff. My grandmother seems to collect multiple "childish" things, especially Eeyore crap. But she also likes Tink (so do I heehee) and Tweety. [among other things] Then we went down a list and I realized I have known at least two other people into Harry Potter and other stuff that would be branded "childish" or "immature". Hell, a lot of my friends are gamers and still have action figures and other gaming related toys. (and still collect them!) Some of them even still have Pokemon cards. (which will someday be worth a fortune I assure you.)

Next time someone comments about how "immature" you are for liking something "childish" remember this blog!

On "real" Satanists

When I left TOD one of the things I decided not even to bother arguing was why people who are Satanists that do bad things are not "real" Satanists, but if it's a Muslim, Christian, and maybe rarely a Jew they are all 'real' in regards to their religion. No one debates it.

Well a Satanist on paganspace, who also happens to be a friend of mine, posted different types of Satanism. He posted:

Evil Satanists: Yes, they are around now, much to my extreme dismay. I do have to mention them. Evil Satanists are a term I gave to them, (one Christian called them "Psychotic Satanists", and the defintion would certainly fit), who see Satan as pure evil. They worship this pure evil, and want to become one with the pure evil. (Which asks that age-old philosophical question, if something is pure evil can it exist? Is existence a good thing? Existence can be argued as being good because non-existence does not have the possibility of having a good life, while existence does, whether or not it is achieved, thus, between non-existence and existence, existence is good. That's not necessarily my take on it, but it matters little). Unfortunately for them, as Milton found out, the real Satan of the scriptures serves little purpose, he's a horrible literary character. Ack, what to do? Draw upon the Universal Man of Evil, none other than Hitler. Typically, these Satanists will have altars with Hitler on them, attend Neo-Nazi meetings, and have "invocations to Hitler". They haven't really encroached the United States, (thankfully), but are prominent in Europe. Of their claim to fame, they like to burn FreeMason lodges, Jewish synagogues, and Christian Churches. No religion deserves discrimination against it, but if that organization encourages actions which are harmful to fellow human beings, then they are guilty of nothing less than conspiracy to commit felonies. Thus, my personal view is that these idiots should be branded and labeled for the trash they are, and persecuted to the extent of the law unless they decide to quit engaging in criminal behaviors and encouraging the behavior in criminal activities. Also, don't believe them when they claim "linages" going back hundreds of years, the vast majority have only been around for less than five years now, (2008).

So yes, they are "real" Satanists. I think if we're going to have this standard for Satanism, shouldn't it be fitting to do the same with Christianity and Islam? Even if we did though, it seems kind of elitist to say one person is "real" to a religion and one is not. And who gets to decide? Who is the "authority" to say who is a "real" Satanist and who is not? I think anyone who claims that so and so is a "real" Satanist that practices "real" Satanism should be thoroughly questioned. I don't agree that Satanism gets off scott free because they aren't "real" if they do things in the name of Satan, but if people kill in the name of God they are real and then pagans bitch and bitch about Abrahamic religion because of it.

Tezcatlipoca Xmas Meme

In case no one remembers... last year on my 360 blog I made one of my patron deities - Tezcatlipoca - THE official Aztec Santa Claus. Quez and I take full advantage of photoshopping Tez as Santa.

Here's some of Quez's work:


That is the abomination called "Dragon Ball". If you need more "proof". Check this site.

They actually have a white dude playing Son Goku. Unbelievable! Not only that but since Funimation completely, and utterly, destroyed DB and DBZ making it a "kidde friendly", "family" show, (when it was not intended as such by the Japanese.) we'll now have a family friendly, toned down, movie adaption. Expect no sex jokes involving the perverted old man Muten Roshi and/or Bulma sex jokes. Expect that much of the violence will be discarded. Expect that white people will be playing, so obviously, Asian peoples' roles. Expect that Japanese AND Chinese culture customs to be excluded. And expect this movie to be a complete piece of shit. Thank you, for ruining my anime.


Airport fun

I saw Hulk Hogan the other day at the airport. It was so weird. There's a bunch of people in line to get their ID's checked and then Hulk Hogan is in line with them. It was such a odd sight. I talked to him a little bit, and pushed his items into the machine. I asked if he had a laptop. He replied that he probably wouldn't even know how to turn one on.

He alarmed too, and knew he had to go for additional screening. What made this funnier was one of the people in training had to wand him. What great training! How awesome would it be to wand Hulk Hogan as a newbie to TSA?


I am wondering if I should keep this journal or let it die. I really don't want this account anymore, and foolishly i paid for it when i signed up. I don't think there is much of a reason to have this and i won't have much time on it coming up in January.

I feel ashamed to be me. I feel ashamed of this journal. I really want to cut back on being "extroverted" online because obviously I am a failure and a idiot. I should not express myself the way i do and well, I just don't want any part of this anymore. This is just stupid. I'm stupid. I don't know what to do with Teopixque though.

Celtic art

Apparently I did some digging in my photobucket. I have this old drawing I did on the back of a envelope that i sent to Nancy (Layne Staley's mom).